A error or fundamental change? Instagram posts

Funny thing happened today. Posted pics as usual, seems I was shadowed yet used no hashtags ( throttled and did no show up on explore in insights and likes down way below normal. Next post, 3 pics on a post…and I get on explore …thought throttle over, so I posted again one picture hours apart. Throttled again. WTF? so I posted 3 pics again on a post 30 minutes later I show up on explore. ( insights tells me if on explore or not) . 5 of my other accounts confirm - multi-pics on post goes explore, single somehow throttled. Anyone else noticed this? Hopefully just a fluke for today.

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Update. Friday to Sunday I was throttled on my biggest account. Single picture posts did crappy and did not make explore as usual. What I found out is if you post multiple pictures – it will bypass the throttle. ( USE NO HASHTAGS). I was losing followers left and right Friday and Saturday morning, I started to post 3 pics a post and those went on explore and I still grew throttled. Likes take longer to come and is lower however saves are higher and comments remained same. about 200 a post. This may be a method for you to escape the throttle (possibly shadow ban also until it lifts.) . This morning the throttle was gone.


I noticed my posts were getting throttled last week. Took a break over the weekend so I’m not sure if its still there. Will see what happens with a mult-pic / no hashtag post. Thanks for the share!


Follow-up. Things went back to normal this past week after one multi-pic post last Tues. However we all know it will only last for X amount of days…

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I’m prepared next time it does that crap again. Yea it happened and simply wont grow as fast instead of losing numbers .