A Friend is selling 160K SUBSCRIBERS youtube channel - How much should he ask for?

Hi Everyone a family friend has quit youtube to pursue a new career. the Channel has 50 Million Total Channel views and 160K Subscribers. I’m looking to find the right price as he has received a few offers. What are your thoughts?


£200, but i’d be guessing. real engagement?

The website worth is usually calculated this way:
Monthly revenue x12

I think we can apply same method here, for YouTube account.

If your friend was consistently earning $500 per month, then the YT account is worth $6000.


50M views. Sounds great. 200$ to 300$ should be good but also depends on niche of the channel.

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May be if he is earning 500$ per month, he will not sell that account.
I don’t know what is the channel niche. But let’s think,
If he is creating videos yourself, no one can run that channel expect him because their followers will definitely find out the difference…And because they love different type of creativity… Channel lose their reputation.
If he using other people’s video and earn 500$ per month…He will not willing to sell as this money is like a bonus per month without doing anything :grin::grin::grin:

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i have first hand experience for years working with acquisition guys from big companies, it is a hard question to answer but I will give it a shot

if this was a good niche where you can maybe find 20 to 30 businesses to pay you $500 to $1000 a year to sponsor their products , i am going to guess 540k would be a good price… now if the niche was stock market, make that 5.4 million if you had 160k real stock brokers watching your videos, different niches has different rates.


Sorry but this seems like a joke.
I guess it depends on the niche and the type of videos.
Even if the videos are not monetized i would still not sell 160k suscribers for 2 bags of patatoes.
Youtube is the hardest network to be succesfull in,usualy its expected to invest at least 2 years before you see any real growth results on youtube.(if you don’t get lucky and go viral).


What niche is your friend in? Would you be able to post here or PM?

If it’s interesting I might be interested to buy.

i agree with @florin22xxl i think he was looking for 4 figures

Sorry i should have mentioned it was just your normal Blogging channel - I was playing around with it and rebranded it into a channel called Brisbane. I think he was looking for offers in the 4 to 5 figures range.

This seems like a pretty reasonable price to be honest - from my limited knowledge of how youtube works im pretty sure you can re-brand the channel into anything you like

I tend to disagree @Narveer_Singh I noticed a huge tech channel a few months ago that completely rebranded the channel. They have now almost doubled their subscribers, reaching close to a million.

You mean to say that it was tech before and now it is not tech related.
Really strange.
But big channel always start growing.
If your friend channel has 165k subscribe…They will increase day by day. If you check after a month, it will cross 200k.
What I said was of my experience​:innocent::innocent:
And may be I wrong :grin::grin:

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as someone who has sold a website for 4 figures, i would recommend your friend hold on to the channel and continue growing it. the 4 figures is nice but short sighted, especially on youtube where it’s harder to grow


160K subscribers aslong as they are all real and the niche isn’t something extremely hard to transition from for e.g if the channel was a personal Vlog channel that would be difficult.

I would say at least in the high four figure range, that’s just off my opinion though :slight_smile:

Couldn’t agree more, but he already has a full-time job and has no aspirations to continue with youtube any longer

Honestly, if someone purchased it and deleted all the content changed the name and started uploading videos daily no one would even notice. I have seen it happen a few times on youtube small to medium channels get purchased by big companies looking to get a head start. sure a small fraction will unsubscribe but most won’t even notice and if the person/company who takes over the channel produces great content it could be a huge revenue stream


Should someone genuinely be interested I guess I could collect offers in this room for it. However, I think he was only looking to sell to close friends or family

i pay $300, send me the link PM

Start at $10K and take offers.