A game developer here, nice to meet you!

Hey guys!

The title says it all, I’m a game developer who heard about this awesome community!

I’ve worked with an IG marketer in the past to promote some free games and had success with it.

Although I’m a complete noob at Instagram, I want to learn about it and scale up my apps, hope to learn a lot about IG here.


Welcome @boolstudios

We’re glad to have you here :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot.

Welcome @boolstudios nice to have you here, it seems the pool of knowledge enlarges everyday, I don’t think we had a game developer around :slight_smile:

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Hey thanks for the welcome Johnny and Adnan, glad to be here:)

I’ll be sharing some of the things I’ve learned in the app/game industry with other members here too:)


Hello @boolstudios :slight_smile:

You are in the right place, lots of crazy brilliant minds here :nerd:


Welcome @boolstudios !

Welcome to the forum @boolstudios. Pretty good gig you have there.

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Hey thanks!

From past experiences I had great luck monetizing IG with my games! I hope to work with another IG marketer using games to monetize:)

Welcome @boolstudios!

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Welcome aboard @boolstudios .

Really interested to know more about game development, tried once to code Flappy Bird in Swift ( I know that I’m talking about mobile gaming ) but ended up on youtube searching for what each line of code does and gave up !

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Yea man it’s not easy, I’m a pretty bad developer myself, lol:) Swift and Xcode are OK for making simple games, but you’ll run into too many problems, so Unity is where magic happens:)

I use Unity to code, and C# as my weapon of choice, it just has more options and such:)

Right now I’m less into the development side and have left that to a small team of mine to figure out.
I’m more interested in the marketing aspect of mobile games now:)

I’d say that, developers are a dime a dozen, but understanding the business side of it is what will make you happiest, and I’ve learned IG is probably one of the best networks to promote mobile apps/games!

I’d say it was a good try with Swift and Flappy Bird, but master the IG aspect of it and you’ll be swimming in oppertunities:)

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That is why I sticked only at marketing and UI/UX Design.

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Welcome @boolstudios to MPSocial & MassPlanner :smiley:

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Welcome to the community @boolstudios - nice to have you here :smiley:

3 years later!? :flushed:

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