A little idea i'm trying out

rather than just ask for free help, I thought I’d tell you about a little idea that I’m trying out, good chance it’s kind of been done before, however, I wonder what you think of it and if there’s any way I can improve it.

I’ve built the account up to around 25k for my niche and I’m always trying new ways to try get more engagement.

At the moment, I’ve been dm’ing people from my niche asking if they’d like to be included as a core bunch who all engage. I’ve got around 30 people on board who say they will comment when they are tagged in photos… I cycle through the 30 each post and a good bunch of them will get engaged in the new post which looks good and is actually good for building the little community. Some of them have actually made friends and cross engage.

Here’s what I don’t know though, I’m not sure whether I get punished for tagging people as it’s not quite so natural. I’m thinking of having the most involved guys put notifications on instead.

It’s just an idea and I am having varying degrees of success with it, however, I do seem to be stuck at 25k now. I’m wondering if I should start focussing on quality rather than quantity, especially after reading a recent post about how 100 new followers a day isn’t necessarily a great thing.

I’ve heard people say shout outs are a great idea, I’ve only ever tried it a few times and I’ve not had much success from it and that’s after closely scrutinising the accounts to try ensure they have little fake followers and fake engagement.

I wonder if you guys could answer another question for me? how many posts is the optimum amount to post today. All I’ve really found is if you want to post 7 a day, make sure you post 7 every day and likewise for 2 or 3.

Another thing I try do is little stepping stone hash tags. I genuinely came up with the idea myself, although I eventually read that very similar has already been documented. I will try keep track of what hash tags I’m hitting top 9 for. i’ll try hit say 10 of each of perhaps an easy,(1000) medium (20000) and a hard one (200k plus). I don’t know if I should tweak this or not.

I have another couple of work account which are in similar niche, I try as many ideas as I can but the likes are dwindling. (I guess as time goes on people like more and more accounts mind you)

I’ve really waffled guys, if anyone has made it this far, I do appreciate it.


Big kudos on studying and trying out different experiments for yourself.

As far as tagging goes, are you tagging all 30 accounts in the community on each of your posts? If that’s the case, then I would maybe recommend lowering that down quite a bit. The most that I tag in a post is 3-7 other related accounts. Some are 3x my size, others on my level. Balance is the name of the game.

Same goes with daily post quantity. For growth, I think the higher end is best, gives you more exposure in the ranks. For engagement, less is more, gives your followers more time to like a post. The rule over those both though is consistency. That was my mistake in the beginning, I would post 3 one day, 0 the next, then 1 the day after. Granted I’m a college student, but a post regimen is important yes. Right now I post 2 daily, morning and evening.

With hashtags, that’s a perfect idea, even if the concept has already been thought of. The only thing I think you should do is increase the tags posted with them. I say anything <200k is easy, 250k-500k is medium, and >800k is competitive. It’s all about the strength of your account though, how many likes can it hit within 10 minutes, an hr, and etc. Example, a higher account than mine could easily crush 800k hashtags, so it is all relative.

Let me know if I actually make an ounce of sense here.

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What’s your niche? Do you do contests? I do contests every thousand followers for one of my profiles which boosts it and my other accounts quite a bit.


What’s your niche? I personally have never ran a contest before, what are the major points?

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The account I do contests frequently in is a sensual/nude photography one. It’s a gallery of the work of local photographers so every contest one photographer offers to do a free photoshoot to someone who: a) follows my account plus that of the photographer’s and any other account i include b) tags 5 friends in the comments (always different people, but can comment as much as the person likes).

The last contests I beefed up the prizes as profile became more popular so I’m now giving away photoshoots, tattoos, dinners, etc.


Wow, that’s pretty smart. I can definitely see how that can really boost up your popularity.

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People love giveaways. Interesting strategy with the hashtags, i’m gonna try to test it out :wink:

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I’ll keep that in mind. And of course go for it! Happy to share :smile:

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My niche is automotive detailing. We do detailing, we have our own product and also we have a detailing feed that we post detailers around the globe on.

I dabble with contests, some are popular, some not so much. I try to think of something other than the tag 3 friends, especially as it can be hard to keep track of when choosing a winner. We had 400 comments on one competition yet I could only count around 150 comments.
400 comments was a nice turnout, we’ve also had 30 entrants in one contest.

I’m thinking if I’m to make a real proper go of the contest then maybe I should do it once a week without fail.

Here’s a little idea I thought was cool. I’m going to have people compete to be the middle square of the featured 9 under my tags. So they just need to make sure their content is on point then they could have a 1 in 9 chance of winning.

I try my best to come up with new ideas. I’m weary that I’m doing too much follow and unfollowing on my main accounts and I know I’ve annoyed a few people because of this. I did have a 600 strong whitelist which i stupidly didn’t back up.

My detailing account is about 25k
My product account is about 40k
My detailers account is about 26k

I’m thinking of building up other new accounts accounts to do the dirty work then ill cross promote when they have a decent following.

I love the idea of following less than 1000 and giving value back, I’m going to try this with my 40k account.

I was really wanting to get to 50k with this account as I figured that’s where the magic happened but I think I could be waiting another 6 months if I did that.

Can I ask you guys how many stories you do a day?

Another little thing I do which probably other people do… sometimes I will use 10 tags, and see how they do. Depending how well they do will decide for me what other tags I put down, like if i hit a 700k tag I’ll stick down a 1m tag. I sooo know my tags could be better, I’d like to take a day off and really study them. For instance, I’ve been using a 50k tag and I didn’t realise that I had actually taken up all 9 squares with content, this tells me I should be shooting higher than this tag or at least not using it quite so much.

I’m sorry my messages are all over the place.

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