A new error message by Instagram ? restriction 49

i got this error message today on my of my hashtags scrapers for the first time ever.

What actions did you do on that account? I see that they show when the block will be lifted just like a hard block. Did you try to relogin and still see the same block message?

how did you get this? did you try to search for hashtag then got this issue? or they did not give you access to the account itself

i used the account to scrape usernames + data from hashtags, all accounts are fine and i’ve being doing this for months within the limits with good quality accounts for lead generation purpose, until yesterday this one specific account got this error message. The accounts are not doing any actions, just scraping for a short time during the day every 2-3 days.

got it scraping data from hashtags, i can still have access to the account, and i can see only the home page, if i click to check my profile or other things i get this error, it should expire today, it was a 24h thing

yeah, that’s a first, keep up us updated after the block is gone if you are able to do actions normally or not.

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The same has happened to me. I can view my dms, peoples stories or my own profile. My account has been restricted before for no reason, but it’s never been this restricted. I have checked the community guidelines (pretty sure I haven’t broken them), tried to call and contact instagram, but so far nothing has changed. I got this ban just today. I think someone might be reporting me for no reason? If anyone know what restriction 49 is about or any other information let me know.

This could be the suspicious part, that all the account does is scraping and there are no human activities such as follow/unfollow/like/comment. Please try to also do actions on the account alongside the scraping so it will not look that botty.

But yeah, the error message though appears to be an action block message.

does the block on your end have an expiration date too? if so, wait until tomorrow and see if it will disappear. The block happens most likely because of the actions you were doing and not because someone reported your account. What actions did you do before the account was blocked?

it only last 24h and later everything is back to normal, so no worries for now, unless the next update they decided to make this 24h a week then we may have a problem :laughing:

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This thing happened with me for the third time. I have a fan page and i rarely follow or like. But still this happened.

you may want to consider reducing the number of scrape actions done for now, then gradually increase again

What is scrape?

scraping is a process done by the account in the background to get specific information/data that you might be using later, you can scrape followers of an account, posts from an account…etc

But I don’t do anything like that, but still my account got that error for the 3rd time now.

what are the exact actions that your account does? how many accounts you have on proxies?

Sorry for the late reply. I have a simple fan page in which I post edits. I don’t even know what proxies are.

well, it’s most likely due to your settings, what are you posting exactly? and how many per day? also, what other actions you are doing on the account?

I got this error 49 recently on one of my accounts which is a blank account. I’m logged in to that account only to view other IG users on chrome. I guess aggressive actions aren’t always the cause.

I post updates and edits of Stranger Things. Usually i try to post every 3 days. That’s all.