A new (possible) engagement trick

When I was looking at my account I noticed something:

The picture with the long text in it for 87 likes. (4 comments)
The picture with 1 person and text got 125 likes (0 comments)
The picture that instagram only noticed text for has 102 likes but 5 comments
The picture with no description got 90 likes
The post with the text that had both the words Thanos and Universe got 170 likes and 5 comments

From this, I starting thinking that maybe posts with popular keywords that were noticed would get more engagement. Then I found this: “Image may contain: meme, text that says ‘When you’re listening to music and your earbuds get caught on a doorknob’”

When it said meme, I got 800+ likes( which 40% EG on that account). I think it helps Instagram put my content in explore. An idea I have is putting your niche (in my case, memes) into your caption multiple times and in your title bio and if possible in your name. Also making content the IG can easily identify is very useful. I plan on exploring this idea further in the next coming days

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nice tip, let us know how it goes

It looks like a great tip, but how do you control the text that Instagram chooses?

the text instagram shows is the text that instagram’s AI recognizes. That’s why i said that making/picking content that instagram will recognize would be a great idea. If you can’t do that, try to meantion your niche name in your profile.

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You can also specify that text too, and be more descriptive, it was added as alt text for the visually impaired


I wanted to say that :frowning:

Very interesting. It would make sense that this affects EG, I just wonder how much

Update 1: I tested it on my meme account and the engagement went up to 10%. I used alt text for that one.Today I am testing it without alt text and making ig realize that what I posted is a meme. So far so good.

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I was using this one for 3 of my main account (never bot on them). And yes it’s work as you describe. Ig need to know what’s you page is about and with botting (on the main) it’s difficult for IG to show your post to the right target.