A new way to reach the explore page? 🤔

Saw this page commenting multiple emojis and others commenting multiple emojis under that post. Not sure the point of this … does anyone know? Is It to help a post get better engagement and on the explore page?


i’ve take a look at the accs and it seems that they are in a ‘network’ and all the accs in this network always drop a few short comments on a new post of the acc that have posted.

It’s seems work if u look at their numbers, but we don’t know what’s their goal, i think is audience for the service that some of the accs offer.

Another thing that i’ve notice is that some of them post a lot of media per day and all the accs talk about basketball.

i don’t know if is a good way for growing up an acc but in this case seems very usefull. Maybe we can do a case study on these accounts!

I guess it would be nice if you could link the master account , if you expect us to do any sort of case study :scream:


I think that those people are in an engagement group where they all like and comment on each other’s post in order to increase engagement. This is because if you get enough people liking and commenting on your posts in a certain amount of time, they will show your post to more people.



nothing new, massive comments ( more than 70 first 10 minutes) shoots engagement up the roof