A nonsense that is going on with stripe

Hello guys, what is going on with stripe? As i wrote recently - my stripe account got blocked, however this thread is about stripe politics in general.

I tried to message lots of different instagram clients management websites owners and ask what payments gateway they’re using, and 90% of them replied that they use stripe, lots of websites. Then i asked stripe why did they block me if there are lots of people using stripe in same niche as me, and they can’t tell me anything, they just tell me that my business model(instagram marketing) is not allowed…

I think this is really not fair from their side… More opinions??

Welcome in the world man.

GAFAs and multinationals don’t give a crap about entrepreneurs like us. You can continue to cry about it or just accept it and move forward.


What website did you provide Stripe in the signup process?

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It’s my instagram growth company website.

I’m thinking what other payments gatewat i should use, cause i can’t find a suitable one…

Don’t want to be rude but being in entrepreneur means finding solutions, not waiting for someone to spoon you everything…


Well, those are not all made equal. Some of the people you are referring to, probably have a more neutral website for the payment gateways and only present the more “aggressive” one to the customer itself.

it’s against stripes TOS to sell social media activity, if you gave them that feeling from your website thats the reason.
search for “stripe restricted businesses” on google

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Have you tried sending them business docs and stuff that usually works for me

That’s too easy. I want to be prepared, so I am trying to find an alternative too. I googled a lot. Some allow only US companies, others are asking a fixed fee of a couple of hundred USD a month, some don’t answer emails to customer service and with most of them it’s not clear what they allow, or not.

Nothing wrong with asking here :wink:


Paypal blocked my account a couple of years ago. They have similar rules. After a lot of phone calls I was able to let them understand that follow/unfollow is something different than selling followers. But it wasn’t easy. After a month they gave me my account back.

I think the description Stripe gives can also be explained in several ways… It is sale of… I wouldn’t expect that it includes follow / unfollow.

Its alright to be worried. When everything is going smooth and then boom payment gateway banned. My paypal got blocked few days ago nothing was wrong with charge back not a single dispute still they messaged u can no longer paypal. Sometimes we need to ask sometimes we need to find our own way. I’ve find my way and i am working on it and will get back soon. Hope @Ins will too find his way🙏🏻

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Sure it’s all right.

But when the guy has created/bumped 5 topics and even admins had to delete some of them, it’s time to take your balls and being in the action rather than whining forever here :slight_smile: