A noob with many questions

Hi guys, I am new here. Recently, I have discovered the world of making money thru SM, so I started two profiles in growing them slow as it described and advised in the main topics on the forum. I have read all important information here around on how to, but still have some questions on how could I improve my productivity.

I want to automatize the posting process, and I have figured out this in MP thru campaign and destination list, but still. How do you manage to post a picture automatically by position it in order to fit the Insta borders? (I mean without white spaces around).

I am running an account for a friend who is in Germany? Will be that ok if I am giving him the login details to log from GE, while I am also running from MP from a different country?

Also, I am planning to run another 10 accounts soon, and I understand that I have to use proxies, but still need some clarification on this. When I am starting a new account, do I need to create it using a proxy and therefore to use it continuously without switching on different IP ever? Or I can create it on the phone and then run on MP?
How do I do that more efficient?

Could someone tell an efficient way to watermark my pictures and videos?

Any pieces of advice are welcome! Very much appreciating any!

How exactly to make money on it? I understand thru adv. But could someone give more explanation on that, and where to find this kind of deal?

Thank you,

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Edit your image, such that it’ll be in square format

Not a good idea, IG is very particular with the IP from where the acct is logged in. You could be asked to verify the account often or even worse.

That’s the idea, create the acct using the proxy IP that you’ll be attaching to the account in MP. You can check out


Under the IG reposter module, there is an option to watermark your posts automatically.

As for making money, you need a good solid account, high engagement, and reach out to potential sponsors. There is an undercurrent of Advertisers looking for “micro influencers”. Typically a “micro influencer” is someone who has 10k to 100k followers, and at least a 4% engagement rate. The fees are much lower, and or usually amount to free product, however, if you have enough accounts in the right niches, you might be able to pull off a very good score.

Best of luck!

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There are some free photo editing programs that can batch process photos, and can change their size (google: “free batch photo editor”).

If you’re new to photo editing, google “image size vs. canvas size” to understand the basics of image size changes you can make with these programs.

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@mommyfats Thanks! Btw, do you know any good software (other than Photoshop) to edit images on PC with good filters?

I heard https://getstencil.com/ is a good one. You can also check out

This community is amazing. Thanks! One more thing, when I am creating an account thru MP, does the email what I use for sing-up has to be from the same proxy? Or doesn’t matter this one?

Not sure what you mean here.

Sorry. When I am registering a new account, I do it by using an email. When I log to that email separately gmail for example. Does it need to be used with the same caution, by accessing it with same proxy what I used for instagram account? I was wondering if there is no kind of cooperation among the big companies on that. Hope I made it clear/ Thanks

If you’re asking if you need to access the email on the same proxy where your IG acct is on, well, I don’t think it matters

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It doesn’t matter, but if you access it through another ip, don’t click the verification link they send you from there. Copy-paste the link and open it in the embedded browser with the ip you used to create the account. :wink:

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Good advice. Thanks mate!

Hi, I do have another question, I thought maybe you could help me.
I started to use MP for a single account about 2 weeks ago. This week I tried to use MP for posting pictures automatically, but I start to experience some issues.

  1. My IG account start to run slow, pictures are loaded slow as well and it is freezing too. The interesting part all these occur only in the grid view on the pictures I upload thru MP. I asked several guys to access page thru their own profiles and they were experiencing the same. When I access it thru browser it works fine…

  2. Very often MP failed to upload my pictures, even if it showed on history that it was successful.

I would appreciate if someone could illuminate me on this. Thank you.

Please send an email to support, thanks.