A question for those who are doing manual actions

Hello, so I’ve been doing manual actions on my account as well as my clients accounts, all is working just fine so far. My only issue I am having is finding an effective way to monitor and track who I have followed and who has followed me back

  • I don’t want to follow someone and then unfollow them and then later on, follow them again not knowing I have already followed them in the past.

  • when I am following a user and they have followed me back, I don’t want to unfollow them straight away, I want to wait a few days but obviously when you go onto a person that you are following, you can’t see if they are following you back unless you search their name in your followers tab.

If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to help out. Thanks in advance.


I am planning on doing something similar but I want to keep a record to avoid this issue. It might be too much of a hassle to keep an excel file for each account though.

May I know how many accounts you are able to follow and unfollow each day manually? Are you also getting minor blocks?

As of now I’m doing less than 50 follows/unfollows per day to allow for a good warm up for the accounts. I am not experiencing any minor blocks.

I have a decent memory where I can remember who i’ve followed a little bit. I always do a like before follow as well, which can help because if you see you have liked a post of theirs then you know not to follow again. Other than exporting to a spreadsheet, it’s just a case of guesswork, memory and seeing if you have liked a post of theirs.

I do it with a spreadsheet. Don’t think there is any other way around it.

You follow/like, write down the name of the account and search for another one.

It really is a lot of work and not only that but I received blocks on all of the accounts i used manual actions with on an iPhone.

I have been doing around 40 follows per day with a few likes here and there

How many accounts per phone? And what’s proxy were you using?

I dont use proxies manually, just use the phones 4G.

Not more than 4 accounts per phone. No proxy just regular 4g network

Blocks appeared even when it was only 2 accounts per phone. These are follow/ like blocks with no date.

Can you do more than 4 accounts per phone?

There must be a way to do this. To use your Instagram account and do it manually.

I am doing it manual and they just blocked me respecting the new limits

I’m running 5 accounts per phone and following around 800 a day, occasionally I’ll get a temp block but it’s over within 24hours


Thank you very much I hope it lasts only 24 hours because you think that blockage happens by doing it manually? I do not pass 196 a day and I divide it into 7 times out of 28

I think the only way it could work is even more precautions - switch your clients to manual - and work out the hours your client uses the phone.

Best option is Iphone only as I think it would make sense for an Iphone to have the highest trust level from IG. You could also take over customers IG completely and ask them not to use it at all (ofc you would have to post for them for which you could charge extra)

Wow nice, I haven’t exceeded more than 50-60 follows a day and still got blocked on 6 accounts while doing manual actions (thumb and Iphone)

The issue could have been the accounts were on jarvee before receiving temp blocks I have rested them for 48-72 hrs but I guess it maybe just wasnt enough.

I do everything with thumb and iphone I have been more than a month doing so but today block. How long have the blocks lasted for you?

That’s crazy lol I deadass just follow until it hits the 250 per hour limit and doesn’t let you follow anymore, then an hour later repeat until I’ve done about 800-900 a day per acc


It’s been about 3 days now. These are follow/like blocks with no date.

How many have you followed per day? Have these accounts been on jarvee before?

they have never been in jarve I have followed 196 a day

That doesnt sound right

Tell the people how tedious and boring it is though!