A Question To Mr.Berner

I was reading your bio recently and saw this I highlighted in red.

And I have one question for you.

Are you a Math Debator? :wink::wink::joy: and anyone else reading this, are you?



Just to let you know Mr.Berner has a thread designated just for questions

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Oh, I know. But this is a special kind of question for him and everyone else. :joy: Idk if your getting the joke of the post lol.

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Sorry to kill your joke, but I dont get it haha.

…I should add in my BIO that I dont catch on to jokes very well :smiley:


dont get it neiither…

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According to Urban Dictionary it means “Masturbator”.
Quality Thread.


Ah, thanks for doing the research haha.

Lets see if I say it like this,

Say this to yourself at a decent fast pace.

“I love to math debate a lot”

I think you will get what it’s supposed to mean ^_^.

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Haha, It was supposed to be like a homophone word, like math debate meaning masturbate, they sound similar, i’m surprised no one actually caught onto this lol.

You’re the man :joy:

…Ahh, I get it now :slight_smile: haha

…might me one of those jokes which are better said in person :slight_smile:

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Definitely, but even when I say it to myself it’s like when someone says they love fish sticks (dicks) lol it’s hard to miss, I guess I just have a dirty mind haha.

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May I ask what does “13 characters” mean?
I read it several times in this forum and tried to look up on google or urbandictionary with no luck :neutral_face:

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Type “hey” click post and see what pops up.
Sometimes the post is shorter than 13 characters.
So users post something like:“yeah sure” 9 characters. You need 4 more to be able to post but tbere is nothing more you want or need to say. Nothing comes to mind also in order to make the post longer. So users just type “13 characters” at the end of the post so the forum will allow the message to be posted.
I hope this helps!


Adding that to…

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