💩 A Quick and Dirty Tag Tool


Someone turned me on to this today for when you need some tags like…right now.
(it’s made by one of the all time awesome-smart guys in the the online space).


:toilet: :arrow_right: :grin:

Have fun kiddies

PS: This by no means comes close to my man Mojojojo-jambalaya’s personalized “complete tag-oscopy” service. Which I’ve used and highly recommend when you seriously wanna get in there in your niche. :point_down::flushed:

@MojoJojo I think I’ve accurately described the ‘depths’ of your service.



Bookmarked and Thank You :smiley:


thank you. Nice sh!t :smile:


Didn’t understand that first .gif until I used it.
Damn that’s an accurate gif.


What is this “tagshitter” about?
Thank you for the info :slightly_smiling_face:


It gives you tags which contain the letters you enter.


Getting “in there” is what I do best :wink:

Thanks for the shoutout btw, noone quite does it like Fonzie lol


Nice, thanks. Yes before I found the stop shitter button it was kinda like the first gif…


Tagshitter indeed, thank you!


Book marked and saved! This is an incredible find! Thank you :raised_hands:


So I clicked the link, and entered a keyword. I saw it pull a hundred or so hashtags and thought ‘nice, I could use that’. Then I forgot about it for a while, and later opened that tab again:


Does this thing ever stop?!?!


Thanks for the sharing


Great little tool, nice share




But I don’t want it to stop…
Some amazing random nonsensical things popping up in there at the 62K mark, its entertaining me.
Not as much as your video with Fonz sticker, but it’s a close second :stuck_out_tongue:


Are the tags ranked in any order though so you know which ones are most relevant and searched?


Thanks for sharing…Nice free tool.