💩 A Quick and Dirty Tag Tool


Someone turned me on to this today for when you need some tags like…right now.
(it’s made by one of the all time awesome-smart guys in the the online space).


:toilet: :arrow_right: :grin:

Have fun kiddies

PS: This by no means comes close to my man Mojojojo-jambalaya’s personalized “complete tag-oscopy” service. Which I’ve used and highly recommend when you seriously wanna get in there in your niche. :point_down::flushed:

@MojoJojo I think I’ve accurately described the ‘depths’ of your service.



Bookmarked and Thank You :smiley:


thank you. Nice sh!t :smile:


Didn’t understand that first .gif until I used it.
Damn that’s an accurate gif.


What is this “tagshitter” about?
Thank you for the info :slightly_smiling_face:


It gives you tags which contain the letters you enter.


Getting “in there” is what I do best :wink:

Thanks for the shoutout btw, noone quite does it like Fonzie lol


Nice, thanks. Yes before I found the stop shitter button it was kinda like the first gif…