A quick hello to everyone!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and express how excited I am to be a part of this community! I am a person who is eager to learn and this forum seems to be a great place to thrive from. I am already learning and I’m not even level 2 yet :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome.

I’m glad you like MPSocial. There’s not much stuff in LVL1 but if you stick around, I’m sure you’ll be LVL2 in no time.


Welcome to MPSocial. The more you dig into this gold mine, the better you’ll become. If you stick around long enough, you might get the free money button too!

May the search bar be with you :smile:


Dammit, it’s public part of forum @paulasiama


Honestly I was convinced the free money button is a running joke but you’re making me second guess myself.


Hello! I’m hoping to maybe add to the community. Not sure how but I’ll definitely try :slight_smile:


Dammit @paulasiama I guess we’ll gotta level up @Hey.yooh17 :laughing:


Welcome onboard !


Thank you! I didn’t realize this was a ship! Us pirates aren’t very good at the alphabet… We usually get loss at C.



Sometimes the public needs an incentive :smiley:. Besides, we have waaay too many goodies :slight_smile:


Welcome to the cool kids club!