A recommendation needed


Hey guys, as more competent, can you please recommend me decent guide to learn more about CPA and especially landing pages creation, different cpa offers, cloaking etc.

Thanks for your answers in advance!


First and best tip I can give is don’t expect to be spoonfed, try to give value first before asking for advice.

To better help you, what do you already know about the topics you’ve been writing about? Do you already have an idea for what you want to do and how to drive traffic?


Thank you for the tip, I will for sure do it, when i have to provide something valuable. And I really can’t see where i asked for spoonfeed, just for an existing guide or point in the right direction.
My plan is to drive traffic with instagram, but I am total newbie when it comes down to CPA (topics i mentioned) so all kind of information will be valuable and appreciated.