A safe bot for just one account and just for likes?

Hey guys,

I was wondering if anyone knew a bot that could be used for just one account and just for likes? Maybe that you could run of your phone or of your desktop?

I used to use MP and I know boating is basically dead but maybe it is still alive if you just have one account and don’t want to use it aggressively.

Many thanks !!!

First use 4g connection or proxy, second it’s better if your account doesn’t scrape posts at all, put another child account(s) to scrape photos urls and send them your account as source so that your account go and like them directly without scraping, good luck.

Thanks brother. Ive tried all that and it doesn’t work.

Go manual then, and same as before, use 4g, nothing better than your own sim card 4g believe me

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This is not true. You can actually use your home IP. I have been for a while and haven’t had any issues. Stats have been proven throughout months.

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i can’t say the same about my home ip, it’s dynamic adsl and clearly bad for Instagram since it gets any account on it blocked so fast even when doing actions manually, i had more success with my sim card 4g, i also read many people are having success with their sim card 4g ofc assuming they know the limits and don’t do actions like crazy without a plan, if your home ip working for you then good for you, home ip can be 4g too in some cases.

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4G > Most of the wifi around, even home based Wifi’s, from my testing



What bot are you using? (I’ve tried 4g phone linked to MP and it never worked)

Are you using MP? Ive tried linking it with a 4g phone but still got blocked

l1ke it 4ll app.

It’s on Chrome. Kinda pricey. But works ok.

Hey Ken, I tried to google that but nothing came up for it. Whats the name of it?? Many thanks