A short story [Just for fun]

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Love it, and so true!

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Lol I seen this on Skype 10/10 accurate

Been stuck at this part of the story for a year and its starting to get really bad.


Why? No income?

By the way, My business is also dropping significantly. I see many stores close down and sales drop in my parent’s business as well. Seems like global recession is coming. It is almost 10 year since the last global recession. And history shows that there is recession once every 10 years

On a serious side note , you can see what he did wrong .

He tried SEO , Facebook and Instagram AT THE SAME TIME .

You need to become an expert and understand a specific market in and out .

Also SEO is a big beginner trap :frowning:


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what would you do as a beginner ?

I get it why seo is bad for begginers it takes shtload of time to see even slight results. Btw i don’t think one should quit their job or take loans. Learn the ethics first like not giving up and stuff like that.

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This is why you dropship first, then move into the social media world :sunglasses:

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dropshipping requires a lot more money. Unless free trafic but eh i dunno about that. Heard a lot of “sad” stories

Dropshipping in a retail arbitrage type fashion is the most risk averse way to make money on the internet in my opinion. Whether it is buying a product for cheap and reselling, or waiting to buy the product until you make a sale.

If you can find products with MAP (minimum advertised price) it is literally free money if you buy it on sale below the MAP which only happens like 2-3 times a year. Not as consistent money as other methods, but definitely good money for time invested.

Would you say that dropshipping or ecomm is easier than doing CPA over social networking, especially for someone who’s starting?

A new-age green text. I like it! :smiley:

Been doing SEO for more than 15 years and it has become almost impossible to get results every time. The top 10 listings in Google are made up of many of the same companies for hard goods (my industry). You cannot beat Amazon, HomeDepot, Wayfair, and their affiliated sites for rankings in furniture. Most hard good industries are the same at this point you have 10 big guys and you cannot beat them no matter what people tell you.

So you are better nicheing up and getting good at something like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Shopify, etc… Lots of people need those services and help and if you are good at them you can get results. Results = $$$

SEO now cost a ton and sometimes works for certain sites and them for others it does not move the needle much. No Results = sleeping on your friends sofa.

Drop shipping was mentioned and that is hard, margins are slim for most products. But a good way to learn e commerce and Shopify and you can cover your costs and make a little. However, the money is using drop shipping to test products then source them for yourself in China, import them, then sell. Yes it cost more to do. Risk/Reward are correlated.


Learn a niche and offer/sell your services to others. Instagram is a great newer social media platform that people are still trying to figure out and I think there are lots of opportunities to pick up clients.

What every you pick best of luck.