A simple python script to change all file names

Hi , I’m a beginner to python and I know it’s not much but in case someone here needs it :
here’s a quick python script to change all file names of any extension you want.

how to run ? :

First download python 3.6 here : https://www.python.org/downloads/
install it.

put the python file in the same directory as the files you want renamed , for example song1.mp4 , song2.mp4 (it can be any extension and any number of files)

You only do this once : ||||||
right click while holding shift and click : “open command here” then type :
pip install os
pip install random ||||||

then for the final execution , type in the command prompt : py renameshit.py , the file will ask for the extension (in this case .mp4 so we type .mp4) and it will work its magic.

I might add something to completly change the metadata too but later maybe :stuck_out_tongue: