A Simple Way to get more Followers with Story

Before Starting i would like to tell that it’s just based on my own experience and i would love to get some information about getting more reach on Stories

What do i need to do ?
It’s pretty simple instead of having shoutouts in different timing just do add into a spreadsheet all the account in your niche that you contacted and have good Story impressions and also check their Engagement on the posts as maybe they can fake screenshots .

What do i have to tell them ?
Make it clear that in what exact time they have to share the shoutout the best timing would be their common peak time it will be more big if it is the peak time of your account too so you get the maximum reach possible

When do i Post ?
The posting will be 2/3 minutes after all the accounts made the shoutout .
Why ? simply because the goal is to get the maximum reach in less time possible so if in 1 minute they have 100 storyview i will better wait 3 or 4 more minute to get bigger reach and then potentially more people going to check my story in less time .

What is the strategy ?
Go download an video app cutter and upload a niched viral TIKTOK post or Simply a story that you see have the potential to go viral
Requirement : It abseloutely have to be captivating and even shocking like example a Fighting for example people will want to know how the video ends. so you simply cut the more interesting part .
You send the cutted video to all the shoutout account and you precice that they have to do in the next story a CTA to your account .

Here is the most important : Make your account PRIVATE

  • When people who click through your username to see the end of the video they will land on your profile and you make a CTA on Bio like : The End of this crazy FIGHT or anything (just adapt it ) is on my Story , you can also add some emoji that direct to your story

And change the name of your account to : FOLLOW TO CHECK MY STORY .

Then When People Will Check the Video you Will not only make good Engagement depend fully on the quality of content but also new Followers

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Your experience? Isn’t that a copy paste from other forum? Based on your previous activity I’m 99% sure you and this guides author are two different people.

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bro… i did not do any copy paste seriously this is all what you thinked about the thread ? and to answer your question i did the test just 1 time it worked i don’t have any reason to prove it to you

99 percent lol ok inspector

Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure I understand why you would wait for the 2-3 minutes suggested though? If the first 100 people come to your profile and there’s no story there you’d just lose the first 100 then, no?

yes but the goal is not only followers but also engagement so if we go from the principe that the more in less minutes the better , then having 400-500 view in first minute of posting is better than 100

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Thanks for clarifying. Makes sense if you’re trying to get more engagement for the story.

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nice but i think the part where you said make your profile private i dont think its a good idea simply people if they come to your profile and found it private so here you taking chances & gambling which’s not good practice you always want to minimize the countin on luck cus maybe you’re not lucky

i would just keep the profile public and as you said when you made the video as fraction as one frame ( i mean 1 sec ) dont hesitate to add a sticker that ask for interaction and in the last fraction make CTA to share and this way you get more engagement and maybe you hit the ecplore which’s more interesting than locking your page & forcing those first coming to follow you always dont want to force people well i dont like it myself


The only reason why I said that is; a week or two ago I gave up on helping you with basic stuff, as I couldn’t understand what you’re writing to me and now you are coming with a well structured guide.
Congratulations on your progress, hats off.

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for writing it is just that sometimes i write rapidly , and for basics i love to learn everything easy stuff and hard stuff sometime someone can manage 200 account with no blocks… but can’t even have a little growth hack method like this it depends we are all here to learn stuff it’s all fun

And thanks for the compliment

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