A site for spintax/ DA check plus more

This is a site I have used for a few years now and I thought I would share some value by sharing it.

Great for:
Password gen
Md5 encryption
Word count
DA PA Checker

Plus a lot more.

I mainly use it for spintax!


sp1n.me is the one I always use. Also ChatGpt can write spintax as well if you haven’t tried. Not perfect but can help

Yeah I tried AI stuff but the spintax is average at best as it wont give you a trillion+ outcomes. It literally says. So ends up being more work. You cant even ask for emojis for certain things. Its a cool tool but spintax is annoying with if at scale.

Will check out the other page! Thanks

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Agreed yes. The way I use Chatgpt for spintax is mainly for phrases where I just can’t think of alternatives and get stuck. Can help out with giving an idea after a long day of work :slight_smile:


Yeah. Ask it to find an emoji and it refuses lol

It seems great for some things. However its too robotic in its copy writing. Theres no story telling or personality behind it.

For short copy or blogs its great!


Thanks for the share guys. If you want generate tens/hundreds/tens of hundreds of spins you can use this: SPIN that spintax + an .txt merger or something

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