A tool/software for cold calling?

Hello guys! I’m doing cold emails and sometimes I need to do cold calls as well for people. However almost all people are not from my country. I’m from Europe, and most of the clients are from USA, Canada, UK and etc… I’m thinking, how i could cold call people internationally if they dont use whatsapp? How i could make cold calls directly to their number?

Maybe you guys know any software or program suitable for this?

Most of the clients come from USA, so i would love to have specific US number with a country code. Or idk if its needed to have same country code for a specific country that i will be cold calling…

Thanks and will wait for the help!

Skype will do, you just need the credit

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Use Hubspot CRM you have in there pro membership 2000 minutes per month

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It’s called call forwding I think.

There are many online services doing just that.

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with poivy.com or voipbuster.com you can make international calls really cheap. They even have an offer 3 months unlimited calling to the US if you refill your account with $10.
They are sip providers, you can use them with a sip phone or with software like Voipconnect on your computer.

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