A tool that will simplify your password's remembering life

I’m new here and even though I didn’t make a single dollar (yet :p) , I’m still following the tutorials (which I’m really thankful for :p)

I found myself needing to remember a lot of passwords / accounts etc , looked on my friend (or foe sometimes) google and it gave me this : Lastpass addon , it’s an addon for google chrome (didn’t try with mozilla).

It’s used by 5 M people so I guess it’s pretty safe , I’m using it without problem right now and it’s very practical

Link to the add on (you can use it with private mode , just download it with normal mode and activate it on private)

Link for the mozilla add on (I don’t use this one , just in case some of you using mozilla)

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

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To be honest never heard of a Password Manager before, however I do agree with you that in the IM + Social Media side of things you have a lot of passwords you have to remember.

I think the best way is to write down your passwords on a piece of paper/Lodger (Use abbreviations that only you know in the PW incase anyone finds the paper) + Lock it away somewhere or hide it. (just make sure you don’t forget where you put it) :slight_smile:

I currently use PWSafe, it’s pretty much the same but for your dektop.
It’s pretty lightweight, that was the main reason why I chose it.

However there is always a security aspect. One that the passwords get stolen and one that they get lost.
I’m not really afraid that they will get stolen as the only way I could imagine would be with a virus/trojan and then they will see when I input my passwords anyway, so I guess there is not much of a difference. The safe is of course encrypted and secured by password, but as I said when someone can monitor my keystrokes it’s pretty useless.

To prevent data loss, just backup the file once in a while with an external drive or USB stick.

nice share @Lukos and welcome to the forum :wink:

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Honestly I think it’s the best way and also less risky but I gain too much time with this , you don’t have to enter user or password , you just connect to the website

I didn’t know about PWSafe , good to add to the tools