A Tool That You Can Manage Your IG From?

I am hiring a VA to manage my Instagram (story posting & handling DMs mainly) but i don’t trust them as its the first time. In case they change my password or something.

I need a separate app that lets the VA instantly post stories, post story highlights, & handle DMs.


You can use Jarvee to get those actions automated. They give a 5-days free trial period so you can see how it goes for you first before purchasing.

Thanks. I just realised I can connect my IG account to a FB business page… and just get my VA to manage my story posting + DM handling from there. I think it’s free and i just need to invite her as an editor.

Is there a difference between that and Jarvee for this?

My only goal is to not give her too much power over my account as I just need her to do the above only

You can use creator studio but I don’t think it does stories. Havn’t used it in awhile.

Manychat has live chat. This means they can have access to ManyChat and not your Instagram. Also, it’s really good for automation. I use it all the time for my brands

How would they post, story dm with that?

This would be for the dm automation

Meta Business Suite. Great app, since you don’t need to share any passwords with your VA and they would still be able to do all of tasks you mentioned.