A trick i found that gets thousands of followers for free on autopilot without follow/unfollow

i found this amazing method from another forum and I thought it’d be nice to share. one dude on the forum claimed to have run as many accounts as to get 25K followers on instagram per day, which im quite skeptical of, but enjoy nevertheless !!! ::)))

how it works:

its basically one of those “like for like” things but they give you a bot to do all of it for you and in return they give you coins, which you can use to make other people’s bots follow/like your own stuff. so its like a network for follow 4 follow except you use a disposable extra account to run the bot on so your main account you get follows on are nice and clean.

heres how you do it ig:

you can use this link to sign up. its a russian company but with chrome you can translate it p easily https:/removedspam

then you make filler accounts to run the bot on. the more accounts you run the more coins you get, so yeah.

after you got ya accounts, get the bot from the link and run your accounts with the proxies on it. leave the program on overnight and if you did it right you should end up with a lotta coins = a lotta follows/likes (on instagram, twitter, youtube, etc)

ya gotta have proxies doe so instagram doesnt end up blocking the likes the bot is sending out. you can get those easily from your 4G proxy pool (just switch to your data and use an IP identifier, record it, then put on and off aeroplane mode and you’ll get a new IP from your 4G proxy pool).

(and yes thats a refferal link ha im scum)

enjoy ig :slight_smile:

i removed your aff link…

your welcome.


and there is no link… can be posted without affiliation in it…

seems like a great way of having 0 engagement


pass for me, dog.


Why would anyone want to get a follower that is dead weight? Someone that doesn’t understand the algorithm.


No idea, but i think everyone in the begining just wanted followers not thinking about ER. Could be the same situation

The only scenario I can imagine this being useful is when you need social proof for a seconday/fan account. Or if you are scamming someone to sell shoutouts/sell accounts.

you can sell the accounts doe ha. ye theyre p much all fake. im planning to use it for my business account doe people are more likely to follow back if they think you matter lmaoo

woops :weary:

Followers with 0 Engagement… I dont see why someone would need this. Maybe it can be used to sell fake followers but not more.

I believe that people will buy the page if it has atleast 1k likes. When you have 25k fake followers but attempting to grow it as well. When the account hits abiout 1k likes, you can atleast get something from $50 - $100 so great way to flip accounts on the side when growing big accounts without selling.

Hey there, what is the website name of this bot?

I would love to try this method

What should i search for?