A trick to boost engagement for your recent posts

Very simple, but haven’t see anyone comment on this before. Seeing as when you follow someone new their latest posts usually go automatically to the top of your feed (a way for Instagram to check if that person will get priority or not in your feed I assume) this means if you make a post, and then follow lets say 100 people right after that, those people who follow you back will see your posts at the top of their feed and therefore it will be more likely your posts will be liked and there will be a boost in your engagement.

That’s it. This is, of course, my theory which i’m starting to put into practice now. Feel free to test it out!

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??? where is the trick mate

The order of action usually is:

  1. You get their attention
  2. they go to your profile
  3. they look at your posts and like a few
  4. if they liked enough posts, they decide to follow you (back)

Hint: Step 3, they already liked your posts, so it doesn’t matter anymore whether it shows up at the top of their feed.

the fact that you posted a recent post does not mean that it will be on the top of the feed, IG changed it’s ranking algo long ago…

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the new post does not go on recent followers feed…often it is days/many hours old as the most popular. recent followers of the account might have followed days or many hours before.

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Yeah, that sounds more likely. I’ve followed someone new and they’ll post a new photo but still see one from 7 days ago at the top of my feed. Click through to their profile, one posted 15 minutes ago. Just makes me grumpy.

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You’ve been tricked!!

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