Aaron Ward new settings summary

A summary of his 45 minute post blocks video:

  • average 29 follows per hour
  • lots of follow execution intervals
  • after warm up leaves follows at 100-200 per day to keep a big range of variance
  • says it’s ok to follow max 300 per day, once range is 100-300
  • has hourly follow limit at 30
  • thinks hourly combined follow and unfollow limit is 60
  • says unfollow blocks are very rare
  • limits unfollows to 30 per hour
  • starts unfollow warmup at 25-50 per day, increasing daily by 25 up to 300-350
  • does follow and unfollow at the same time

I use similar settings with success

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All of that seems fine except for follow and unfollow at the same time. What normal person actually does that when manually growing their account? Run the follow tool for 2-3 days, run the unfollow tool for one day to clean up the accounts

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Or just do 10hr follows and 8 hr unfollow throughout the day. I wouldnt mix those 2 together at the same time. Also 300 follow limit a day is a bit too much I wouldnt exceed 150 follows per day

hi how can possible to follow 300 a day whih no block

How much dms can you send?


To my mind, these settings are bad. It’s quite the opposite of what we all been doing these last weeks !

How the hell these could be the new settings ? 30 follows per hour … Yeah. 30x12 hours = 360 follows.

Really ? Wake uuuuup, 360 x 30 days = more than 10k, gonna be blocked for long. Test things yourself, don’t steal from others !


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I’ve been having success following for 10 hours and unfollowing for 3, never st the same time. Just set auto f/uf.

Daily limit would be 100-300 per day.
If it chooses 101 as a daily limit, the follow tool shuts off after 101 follows regardless of hourly average.

This would average 6k/month.

And I am testing things myself - I’ll update my own settings shortly - this thread is just to summarise a 45 minute video into a 45 second read to save time of other members.

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@cowboymug Daily limit 100-300 is Okay if, and if only it’s about 15 follows per hour. Not 30, to my opinion.

Way too much ; it will look like this in your case :

  • Hour n°1 : 30 follows

  • Hour n°2 : 60 follows

  • Hour n°7 : 210 follows

  • So, in average, with 100-300 follows limit per day, your account should stop around 200 follows - on average - (sometimes, 150, sometimes 250…).

Thus, in average, your accounts will stop after 7 hours of following.

- Not good as you probably work on a 12 hours (or more) shifts. Your accounts is spamming 200 follows, in average, within the 7 first hours. It could be so much better by spamming these 200 follows on 12 or more hours.

30 per hour is too “concentrated”

Don’t know what my fellows think, but i would not really recommend that !


The daily limit overrides the hourly average - so if the daily limit is chosen to be 101, it won’t get far into hour number 4 before the tool is stopped for the day.

Possibly better to spread the likes out, but I’m just relaying information here - they’re not my settings although I might adapt some of them.

I’ve found not listening to youtubers ends up helping my life more than the contrary :joy:


That’s true but that’s only if you’re not hit with a block :smiley:

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I’m sorry,I still can’t understand “Selection Rank”. Can anyone explain this?

Sorry for my English as not my mother tongue

If you hover over the setting it tells you exactly what it does.

Put simply, if you have more than one follow source, the one with the highest selection rank will get scraped more often than the lower ranked one.

Anyone is using his settings without a problem?

I would never straight up copy someones settings it just makes it more likely IG will crack it down and block you and the others sooner or later.

My settings on some of my accounts are pretty similar to Aarons and they are working fine so far for about 5 days now.

5 days is not too much to say that it works ok :slight_smile:

I know thats why I said they work fine so far :slight_smile:

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