About Blank Page (OG Ads Installs)

I just tested my funnels and when I click on an offer/app it brings me to an about blank page. No app gets installed, nothing.

How do I fix this? Have you heard of people with the same issue?

Fastest way will be contact their support :slight_smile:

Already did. I thought maybe someone else has had the same problem :slight_smile:

I think they’ve had this problem from some time, there’s another topic around discussing the same thing but I don’t think there’s a fix yet.

So there’s nothing to do about it? How am I going to get conversions when the apps do not show up?

You must remove _blank from your Links, there is a problem with the redirection in a new tab since instagram updated their app a few weeks ago.

It happens when I want to install an app from the content locker it has nothing to do with Instagram or with my links

Let me guess, you used iphone to check your accounts and links?

Nope, I used a samsung phone. I’m still trying to figure it out.

I know OGAds had issues with ios, IG changed something on their side, looks like android is affected too.

Bastards :slight_smile: This will have huge impact on all OGAds users.

Has issues (present tense). It is prominently mentioned on the OGads members home page.

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I know. Looks like I have to switch platforms :slight_smile:

This is not an ogads issue this is an instagram issue. As you can see in our test example even if you are not using a network like ogads this issue occurs. The test i am referring to is if you go to miniclip’s ig and try and download their apps through ig. You are using instagram’s browser when you click on a link inside of the Instagram app. That is something we can not fix ig has to fix this issue.

That being said we are working on a work around.I believe it will be coming out shortly


Okay, that’s great. So every click I get is basically useless because they aren’t able to reach the offer/install anyways?

Btw, the test example you reffered to worked fine for me :grinning: