About free trials for follow/unfollow

Hello guys! Since follow/unfollow growth became more expensive, because its manual right now, what would be your advise to offer potential clients as free trial before they actually sign up? I tried to offer 14 days free trial, but im not sure if its worth, because each trial costs and not all people sign up. So im thinking maybe there are any more cheaper options to provide for a client, like buy a cheap shoutout in his niche or offer hashtags research or something so he can sign up for normal plan instead of free trial…

I mean , its hard to get people to sign up for a normal plan instantly without providing a trial, but trial is quite an expensive thing so im thinking what would work best…

What does your current setup cost for a client look like? It should not cost so much that you should have to reconsider offering trials altogether.

I would recommend shortening the trial period to 3-7 days. 14 days opens it up to being abused/exploited by potential clients, and they go service hopping with any growth services they can find that offer more trials.

That is so true. Even 7 days is quite long a period for a trial. If i were you, I would show them for a couple of days and any potential and serious client will definitely sign up if they see that its working during that time. I offer a days trial, and even though they do tell me that its quite short a period, almost everyone sign up post the trial once they are happy

That’s the way to go. I don’t think you need to do more than 3 days unless you have an extensive warmup period.

If you can pack on the heat early on, anything over 7 days is not necessary

I never ever offer free trials. You shouldn’t even need to consider offering them if you have clients currently using your service that don’t mind chipping in a word for you towards the prospective client.

The amount of people that abuse free trials is ridiculous, you just attract a lower quality client base, who are always looking for some sort of excuse to get a discount/refund.

However as @viralux rightly mentioned, it’s important to consider setup costs. If you’re paying a matter of dollars for a few days, then that’s fair enough, but at least have a process to qualify free trials, otherwise you’ll be wasting a lot of money.

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Agreed @Looped31 .

We do not offer trials at all, but it does seem to be a good selling point or ‘push’ for some people/companies.

Your service should definitely be able to sell itself though - get it to a point where you have enough results to get clients subscribed and paying prior to the very first follow.

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Hello guys, thanks for your ideas! The thing is that 3 days trial wont work, because the warmup takes 4-5 days or so + we need to do a deep targeting research. So yeah, idk how to do it better, but i think i should remove trials at all because a lot of people are going to have trial and then stop using it I think…

And even providing accounts who can vouch for my service is not enough I think, unless these accounts would be super high or famous clients in a niche(which i dont have).

Any ideas how i could convince a person from a cold e mail to sign up? Cause I get lets say 10-20 replies from a campgain “im interested”, “tell me more”, so any ideas how i could convince him to follow through and sign up for 200$ plan? Let me know guys!

don’t do free trials

it doesnt do any good

tell the client it takes a while to see results (which is true)

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These days it’s very hard to show what you can do during free trial… Before you were you able to show and give great results in just a couple of days. So I’m not into free trials when doing these kind of services. It’s better to invest in your sales pitch, prepare honest but successful story for your potential clients, with the current situation in automation when it comes to the mentioned actions…


don’t give a free trial and definitely not 14 days :scream:
if you see that the client think to sing in or not
you can give him a discount for the first month
this is what im doing :sunglasses:

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yep a discount is a good idea and maybe as the guys above said a 3 days trial max.

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