About instagram account safety

Hey guys! I have a question.

My previous Instagram account got blocked and I’m wondering how i can avoid this for my further instagram accounts.

What I do with my instagram accounts - i speak to potential clients who are buying SMM service: Instagram followers, engagement: likes/comments and other services such as twitter followers, facebook follwers etc… So basically im reselling to them.

I get these potential clients to message me from my cold email campgains. I direct people from email to my instagram accounts.

I don’t know exact reason why my previous account got blocked, but on some days i was sending like 50-100 messages to people who follow me and i was not using spyntax.

Right now i try to send not more than ~ 30 messages per day per account and for each message i use spyntax. I’m not sending messages to peopel who do not follow me. I only send messages to people who follow me(to my new followers)

My question is , is there anything i could do to make my accounts safe and don’t get them banned? Or i’m always at risk of getting them banned because im selling such service? Maybe , if i send let’s say 30 messages per account, use spyntax and use chrome portable+proxy i won’t get my account banned? Or what would you suggest?

You should send 20 ~ 30 DMs per day. If use IPv4 or IPv6 high risky to get down. If use mobile, it will be safe. And yes, spintax is very important. Try to no use links, if need to send a link, put it on bio and tell about it in the message.

Selling SMM service goes against Instagram’s TOS, and they will ban you immediately when their bots discover you. You should find an alternative way to do your business, as Instagram isin’t the best place for SMM services. Not anymore.