About instagram direct messaging limits

Hey guys, if i had a previous conversation with an instagram user , do i have a limit of how many people i can message each day? I mean , if i already had a conversation with all these people, can i message an unlimited number of these people each day or instagram will eventually block me?

I think Instagram is mainly concerned with the number of messages you send, regardless if it’s a first time message or a reply.

For Jarvee, we recommend starting with messaging 15 - 20 users per day, then gradually increase. Also, make sure that you have variations on the message text (use spin syntax) and don’t send the same exact message again and again and again, as Instagram will easily consider that as spam.

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You can’t start 15-20 per day on fresh accounts, forget about it .

You can do 10-15 if you are lucky and using good 4g proxies .