About jarvee like tool

If I set jarvee to do like to 1 post after follow and running the like tool at the same same and set the limit per hour to 30, will the like after the follow be included in the like limit per hour ? couldnt find an answer in the forum.

Yes of course bro

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are you sure? because if the like tool is seperated from the like after follow i’d be very likely to get like blocks…

yes it will I asked once…

The like tool and the like after follow tool are exactly the same thing, the only difference is the like after follow will like straight after it follows a specific user depending on the sources/filters from the follow tool.

So, yes, they both count towards the same actions per hour.

Thank you😊
Do you find it safe to run like after follow and like tool at the same time? (with a very random setting and a 4G proxies)

You definitely can, I would suggest warming up with only one of them first, then introduce the other. Also keep an eye on the total actions per hour/day/month with your own calculations beforehand. I do not use like after follow.