About jarvee Login and replay tools

Hey everyone

first of all
sorry for my English i’ll do my best to explain what i want

I search for bot to replay for some specific user when he post any things and i found some tools like Javree

When i try to login to my account it’s stock on account is waiting verify but nothing happened and i try to use proxy and it’s still the same and try to enter it manually but it’s keep show me account is waiting verify then code 0 said : EB is crush and i try to make it update but nothing change

by the end

if there is any tools even if it’s paid tool make my account to replay when the new post in time line show please help me with that

i hope it’s clear and know what i want

Do you mean that the account is stuck on the INITIALIZING status?

If you are getting the error that the embedded browser has crashed, please try the steps below:

  • Please logout from Jarvee
  • Next, right-click on the Jarvee icon on your desktop, choose ‘open file location’, look for “2021_03.txt” file and delete it.
  • Then, look for “Updater” file and run it as ‘administrator’.

Updating the browser may take a few minutes, please wait for it to finish. Once Jarvee has opened, reverify the account and see how it goes.

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Probably the Embedded browser got crashed and updating it as Jessi explained should help you to resolve that issue.

First of all thank you a lot for your replay

i did it before and i did it now and it’s still give me the same things

I try to use with proxy and with out proxy ( Same error )
i try to manually Login and make it valid he can’t do any things to the account
i try to install it in different ISO Like sin server 2016 and same happened

But Should i have (API) to enter it or like insta i can enter normal account

Thanks a lot i try it and same things happened

from this, it’s best to write to our Support team (in case you haven’t yet) so they can do further troubleshooting, don’t forget to mention that we tried updating the browser already.

I’m not quite clear with this one, may you please explain further?

Yeah, you need to contact their support and maybe they check your app. Contact them.

No. You can only use embedded browser on Twitter accounts. API is not supported.

Have you fixed the embedded browser issue yet? If not, try updating the .net framework, maybe you have an older version. Download .NET Framework 4.7.2 | Free official downloads