About jarvee - Reply to Page/Group Post Comments

Hey guys, I need jarvee to help me reply the comments under the posts I posted in the Facebook group, is it necessary to add the URLs of all the posts that need to be responded to instead of the urls of the groups, is there any way to get the URLs of the posts in batches?

Does the 2 part marked in the picture need to fill in the url of the post or the link of the group?

How do I get links to posts in bulk?

If you just want to reply on posts that you’ve posted then you’ll need to use the source for adding just links of particular posts. That source is for replying to comments from all posts on the group that you’ve added.

You need to use here the URL of the Group.

Unfortunately, we do not have a way to get post URLs in bulk for FB.

There is no option to do that automatically, unfortunately.