About post content while using automation


I am using Jarvee (just for Like) and I am wondering which is the best way for post content (posts and stories).

I mean, while I use Jarvee I am not logged in my account in my phone (for avoiding block and stop the automation).

I think a good way could be stop the tool on Jarvee, post the content (I like to do it manually), wait a couple of hours and then start the automation again.

Any experience or suggestion?

Thank you! :hugs:

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You could post manually or use the Campaign Tab.
I use the Campaign Tab to post and feed the Accounts with Scrape Accounts.
So its only ever in EB. If its only in EB there should be no problem with you having it on, on your Phone!
I would recommend using a mobile Proxy tho

Thank you!

What Do yo mean with EB?

I am using now a proxy that works well with Jarvee (no on Instazood, I don’t know why), Are there different kinds of proxys? I don’t understand why do you refer to “mobile” proxy

So maybe if I stay logged into my phone (whitout make actions like “likes” or “follow”) it could be working at the same time (sometimes I need stay logged for viewing stories or use DMs)

So there are DC - DataCenter Proxies which are cheap but mostly don’t work that well anymore.
Then there are 4G or Mobile Proxies which let Jarvee connect with a regular Data Connection like a phone.

You should read a lot of posts here! That helps

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That´s a good thing to do. You could also just post inside of JV instead of only posting things manually. But if you really wanna do it manually, don´t take any risks.

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Thank you for the idea!

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