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Add the ability to add a signature to posts :slight_smile:

Thought about it, I am not sure it’s a good idea though. We want this to be a community of people helping people and growing together. If we allow signature ( which I am not sure this forum script can do) would mean there would be members that would be more interested in getting more posts so they show more of their link instead of replying just to help or learn something new.

Hey so since all topics are now moved to lvl 2 or higher i suggest making different categories like its in the ”main forum” but in lvl 2

The major categories have been cloned with a lvl2 tag. Only some smaller categories remains to be cloned over.

Drop something in a section like https://mpsocial.com/c/site-feedback and tag johnny… I think this is an unnecessary thread.

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And … done.

(Moved from https://mpsocial.com/t/its-a-mess-in-a-forum-now/17331)


Tried to make as many as possible, too many would make everything harder to use though so we need to be careful about that. Anything in particular we’re missing now?

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