Abysmal reach during COVID

I’ve seen a lot about that in reddit and in my own experience. Have you noticed that? It’s not egregious, but definitely less than usual for me

Depends on what you’re posting and who the audience is…I had a post on LinkedIn get 70k views yesterday… Which resulted in five calls and three new clients…


Glad for you! May I ask what you have posted? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I guess I spoke too soon. My post got some reach yesterday

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Take a lesson from from summer school break, holidays. ER goes down the tube when the vast majority of ig – 18-25 are out of school, ER goes down.


That’s useful to know, but it’s terrifyig to think that it could get worse/continue for a while

some are kicking butt of course --most got hit. it’s not to feared – it is to be learned and accepted. otherwise the stress will mess you up

I agree. Lately, my reach has been really good, ironically. I hadn’t been using hashtags past few weeks

It depends man. I think you should just focus on what you can do differently or how you can be unique.

That’s algo proof. Most just mindlessly copy (guilty of doing the same thing) because it’s easy.

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