AC Block Wave (Beware)

Today A New Ac Wave Started
Got 10 Clients in less than a hour got Ac
I recommand To TURN OFF jarvee for today and start testing again Tommrow


new API ? this is y I guess.

I think as well its seem like that

Your comment makes no sense. At least elaborate @scking

@Orel_Sasi might be good to say what tools you used and what not. Like this it’s also pretty vague for people to know if they might get in trouble

I also got blocks today on EB accounts that were running well for the last 60 days.

I see a pattern that it allows me to run 2 accounts per proxy, all over that was blocked but it may be a coincidence.

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I know what Orel uses.
I tryied myself and got 3 days block.
I know once you go manuall from JV EB it will get you block for 1 time after a week, but after it will run smooth

*manuall or real bot.

did you remove the relogin on api ? do it …

most important question. are you using scraper accounts?

I got a lot EB blocked today as well
Don’t know the cause, but 1:1 raw mobile seems to be getting temporary blocked as well

Sorry but noob here .
What is AC Block ?

On the other hand manuals are doing great for the last couple of days, I appreciate the beauty of app lagging just before the incoming block so I know when to stop <3

AB- action block
AC- account compromised block, need to take action and change the password
ABC block- blocks illiterate people over the internet


Ye i saw that as well its like a warning before the block

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Mostly Eb
Few api
It was 10 Acs Less Than An Hour


yeah … that is Y I disabled any automatic login.

I saw how you wrote in one of the forum topics and on the fb about fact that automation did not die, do you still think so? A lot of mine accounts today received 7 days block (

no for sure its not dead :smiley:


yes, I saw that it’s good job, but for 90% users, as I can see from posts on forum and me, over 3 years of work, automation from July to now is dying((

you think it’s bug of the software or an issue with your settings

Account Compromissed is AC

Its not dead and never will as i said u just need to adjust
I uploaded this thread to help peoplenwith their automation