Acc doing with 100k f shadowban, any advice?

Hi, so one of my clients with 80k real follower started working with me and i grow him to over 100k by looking… usually gets 500-600 like in 1 hour but now published a photo and only 15 like in 1 hour its unbelivable. I immediately suspected its shadowban and stopped my service, any idea what can we try now to restore engagement or could this be some temporary glitch?

You have to just wait i guess.

You can disable the account for 2-3 days, restart it again, post a picture and run a campaign to promote that picture for 3 days ($2-$3/day) and start engaging with followers, followings more in this time: likes, comments, reply to comments etc

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I wrote a guide about this particular issue. You will need some time and to work your way up, but you can get back that sweet engagement if you want to.

I will see to check your guide, but I must resolve this fast or I can only stop with this little business that’s left. I not have time to work way up, will lose reputation because of this.

The instagram was down today thats the reason.
It happpened to everyone not just you

It’s not the first time that this happens. It happens generally when Instagram is down. Don’t think immediately that Instagram is punishing you, for god’s sake. Delete your post and post it again tomorrow. The same have done also big influencers during those glitches.