Accept only german friends

Is there a way to sort out the friends (auto accept), I only want “german” friends. I only found the setting, that I can sort non english users.
Its not useful for me, when I have english friends too.

you can filter friends with first name and last names.
Example if you need only german friends find out all family names or all first names in google.
Reverse method- if you don’t want friends from other religion or country just list their family names or all first names add it to MP and select option accept friends except this name

Unfortunately that’s not possible, the only filter there’s is the one @cheapadpromo referred to.

Sounds dangerously familiar.


I suggest just use the filter feature for good results

Adolf personally…

I did Nazi that coming.


9gagger there?


I’m from Germany
And he is right one should in the attitudes the rubric of the friends from search can or male or female.
What brings me someone from the congo who has a income of 40 dollar?

I accept friend requests manually, so you can easly sort it out. Its not the best way, but the safest, because i also only need german friends :wink:

English only please.

Just wanted to say… speak in englisch, that everyone can help and understand you.

Its not a german board here.


Sorry I will make :wink:

I wonder how big the flag will be if you are randomly accepting people from differeny countries, instead of keeping it close to the profile country. Any thoughts on this? It’s obviously not normal behaviour to accept just about everyone, no matter the ‘relationship’ you have with those individuals.