Access to a server from a computer 💻 without admin rights

Dear all,

does anyone know how it is possible to connect to a VPS without having admin rights of the computer? That means I can not install any software nor using a remote desktop protocol / RDP client.

Is there any way to get access? Maybe by using the public IP of that server?

Thanks a lot for any advice!! :bouquet: :smiley:

Ask them to install google chrome, and then install the remote extension also from google, and give you the access code


She said “can not install any software”. If you can install Google Chrome than it is also worth trying to install Teamviewer or so…

Else this belongs more in a forum about hacking.

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Missed that part, because yeah, cannot install any software, maybe like school’s PC. Heheh. Thats why i suggest google chrome because which PC doesnt have google these days.

I think the better question would be; “How to get admin rights” if I do not have these :grin:

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I think you can install Google Chrome and even Teamviewer without admin rights. Chrome is 100% possible, because they install it in AppData for the current user if you don’t have write rights to Program Files, Teamviewer can run in portable mode but probably that’s only the client part.
So I suggest you should try Chrome + the mentioned extension.

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Whose accounts are you trying to hack? :smile:


You don’t need admin rights, as long as you have the IP and password, and they use RDP to connect. You simply log in that way.

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You make me laugh :grinning: (as it sounds like I need to do something not-allowed to get the connection…)

Well… hehehe… :grin: the one I am using has NO Google chrome. But FIREFOX. Thanks to you, I’ve just added an add-on and trying to figure out how it works. So far, I dont know what to do with that:

… but I am trying to find a guide somewhere…

Honestly?! My own. See more below :slight_smile:

I tried that, but it didnt work for any reason.

OKAY, now the revelation:
I am not hacker :grin: nor a person with bad intentions (I am even not using the repost tool as I dont wanna use content from others without their permission). What I am trying to do is the following:
I have a full-time job and I just wanted to connect from the office to my server :speak_no_evil:.
Thats why I dont have the admin rights. I am not an expert, but it seems they blocked also the RDP connection, so thats why it is maybe not working…

thank you, guys, :bouquet: :smiley: for your really quick answers and I am trying now different things (again), hopefully then it works.

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How long have you not had access to the server? You should also be able to set admin rights from another PC that can access.

What do you normally use to connect to it with?

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Well, last time was yesterday, when I was at home. So from there I am using RDP, but from the office it seems to be not possible.

In the office I am using something that is called:

But it is really slowly. It is like using the internet back in 1998 :grin: Really, sometimes when I try to write a word like #WortimeHelpedMeALotInThePast through the Recovery Console, it takes 1 or 2 min (to see it on the display). Horrible. :see_no_evil:

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I would talk to your IT guys and see what limitations they have. They might be able to set you up with a very fast and stable connection. With some networking magic they can make it almost as if you are directly connected.

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Maybe you are right and this is the only possibility. I was afraid of that, as they may ask: “For what do you need that?!”. These guys are really asking such questions. Not much is needed and you are a “suspicious” person (they are even warning people not to use YOUTUBE…). Anyway, I will try the things you and the other guys here have suggested and then, as the last option, I am gonna talk to the IT guys…

Thank you all, @wortime, @dddd, @bwbalazs, @dimitri :bouquet:

P.S. “Dear diary :book: :pencil2: , today I made people from the MP forum think that I wanna hack other people’s accounts. F***!” :grin:


The only other solution would be to create a VPN connection to the server, but that might also be blocked by your IT team. Best of luck!


I worked in IT for the past 20 years. For the average woman we will go on our knees to fix the computer and all other problems related to that :wink:

And there is a reason to ask questions…

How I understood your question first; How can I connect to a VPS, if I do not have admin rights on that VPS.

What I understand now is that you want to connect to your own VPS, of which you have admin rights. The problem is that the computer at work doesn’t allow you to install the software to do this. And probably all ports normal people do not need are blocked at your companies network so using RDP to your VPS doesn’t work.

@wortime solution can work. But if they blocked the ports for RDP than probably the ports for a VPN are blocked too. What can work in this situation is using a VPN using port 443. Port 443 is usually used for HTTPS and I think this port will not be blocked. Only very advanced network equipment (like what they use in China for the great wall) will be able to see the difference between OPENVPN or a browser using port 443.


They typically would not block port 443 as many of the Enterprise VPN’s use it. I bet the IT department would be happy to assist. I would not recommend running a port scan to find out which ports are blocked. That would set off alarms to the IT team if they are worth their weight.

EDIT: and lots of monitoring tools use port 443 as well.