Account Ban = Account removal

So… this is a thing now.

Met two customers with this issue

Requesting a Review requires you to provide your Full Name + Account name and the reason why you should be unbanned (similar to
The form can be submitted multiple times, too.

Seems to be the new drill since February for some accounts - I assume testing for now but it seems to spread.

Shoutout to @aguajardo120 for this :slight_smile:

Do you by any chance know what they have done to violate the TOS to receive this?

Could be very useful to know.

Sadly not. According to the user, there was nothing special on his account and he suspects his friends/other users have reported him. :sweat_smile:

Yeah been getting reports of this new message. This specific form attached to it apparently has no success as they do not reply once you appeal.

This looks like a new updated version of one of their froms and yes Ive submitted multiple times and no reply back just resets after so many days. I still have done the traditional forms and I do get replies from there.

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Its very glitchy as well

:joy: :joy:

It. Is hard to believe as instagram states that they do not disable any accounts due to incoming reports. Only if you violate their terms.

But thank you for sharing this. Useful.

i never even got this. i got logged out. why is that…

Not everyone will get this, if you don’t - feel lucky that there is no deadline for recovery :slight_smile:

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You know what they where using? FU? Story votes? Views? Normal content?


Best to ask @aguajardo120 - He let me know and shared some insight.