Account Compromised doing Manual F/U

Automation tool the past few days had 0 issues

But now Manual Follow/Unfollow is getting hit by AC haha. Anyone experiencing anything similar?

Are you sure? maybe you shared your password?

Just my client and I

Why are you surprised? People don’t get AC strictly because of automation but because Insta detects pattern + login from 2 different locations.
To avoid it you need a really good private proxy, something that’s not used by tens of thousands of people.

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that’s obvious we all know it, the title is not clear, doing manual or not has nothing to do with account compromised

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it’s normal even manual, AC at first then 3 days block and later when the block is lifted Instagram will let you play :wink: just do 10f per hour slowly and then incease after a week.

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Happened to 2 of my accounts also, they were never on any programs and I use them on only one phone and home IP for years, with time they will probably send it to each account at least once.

use mobile proxy from the same state/area of your client
root the phone you’re running the account on it and change the dvice id to the same one your client have i.e if your clients using iphone then change the device id to iphone.


Great idea.

Thank you brotherjoseph !

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Thank you mr Zac
Need to learn how to do this

Hey Zack could you post a tiny step by step on how to do that for iPhones? All I’ve found on the forum is how to do it on android, your input would be greatly appreciated!

I never get any AC by doing F/U on phone, i’ve been doing it on my main acc for more than 1 month now, about 200 to 400 daily follows, spread in 2 run

Would like to know this as well

I’m investigating the problem

I got 1 account on my phone that i do manual follow unfollow and got account compromised too, i laughed when i see that message :joy::joy:

its not even a client account and this account is only logged into my phone, no where else…

account is 2 weeks old and i created it on my own phone my self

i run manual automation with a team and with the sample size of data that i have, around 5% got AC… location of client me is the same city… sample size is between 200-300 accounts

my theory is their machine learning algo is just being overagressive until they found the mean to stabilize


Login from 2 different ip’s at the same time, you get AC
Login from different dvices at the same time, you get AC

That’s what ive found causing AC so far, if any one know another reasons please feels free to add it here in this thread.


I don’t know why IG is making it so strict. Some people legit have 2 phones when they travel a lot (eg a phone for local sim)

“login from different devices at the same time, you get AC”

That doesn’t make sense at all.
À lot of business account are running by multiple people, that quite classic in term of social media mgmt.

I personally manage a fun account with 4 or 5 friends and no AC issue.
(we don’t live in the same city as well).

How many are you following in an instant? Are you clicking the follow button on multiple accounts in a short period of time?

As others already mentioned, try to space it out and don’t do any action in burst.

It happened to me now with my one account I only managed manually :(((( I unfollowed many profiles and got the msg. Then It says my password is incorrect but it does not allow me to reset. Help!!! Will they unblock it if I do not use the app for 48 hrs?