Account Compromised loop

I made a post and did 50 manual follows (2 batches with 5-10 minute break in between) then I started replying comments and looking at how well I’m doing in hashtags. Everything looked good (high on first 10 hashtags I checked) and all the sudden, I got 3 ACs in 5 minutes and now maybe shadow banned (none of the hashtag is working even the ones I was doing well just 5-10minutes ago). I only do manual actions, haven’t used automation on this account since August. This is crazy.

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This how IG behave these days, manual F/U wont save us

sure mate but probably abused stories, right?

It’s not just that. It’s posting too.

Comment and DMs is working wonderfully!

No, zero automation since August. Just 200 manual F/UF a day.

Ok, maybe it’s not a loop. Those ACs seem to happen whenever I click on a hashtag, either from a post or from clicking one of the related hashtags from any hashtag. Clicking on hashtag search results itself seem ok. So weird.