Account Creation Automation

So our developer is aiming to develop a piece for us that automates account creation on IG. The idea is to create as many as possible each day (ideally 100 a day), and then have them be slave accounts for a mother.

Does anyone have any insight how to automate this process, or does anyone know about a program we can get to generate burner accounts?


Jarvee has IG Create Account tool that you can use to automatically create accounts, based on the inputs you add.

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I’m a little unsure on your question? Do you have want to automate the m/s method or are you wanting to automate the acc creation process?

The software at your disposal can currently do both :slight_smile:

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What is please this software ??

If you’re a new user, then jarvee :slight_smile:

You can use the account creation tool.
And to automate the m/s method, also on jarvee. Create or load many accounts that feed to the main account.

J-vee kinda blows not gonna lie. I wouldn’t trust it.

What makes you say that? I’ve used it with success. What problems have you run into?

Can you make 1000 accounts a day on the platform if you want?


YOu can make as as many you want a day…

But is it actually succesful?

thats with all account creation tools - you need he right resources like good rotating proxies, good phone numbers or e-mail etc…

@Hank9991 i have sent you a PM.

Nobody gonna tell you their secret + you are talking about developer so once it’s created 1. you trying to make money from it or 2. you will sell the secret so nobody gonna tell you.

Think outside of the box and not like all the users that are trusting Jarvee 100% for acc creation + acc management. :smile:

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Find good proxies + good automation app. I don’t recommend you hire anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing in terms of hiding fingerprints. Experience automating instagram would be recommended. If you have any questions about instagram account creation, proxies, emails etc, just drop me a DM.

Is it just me that gets an instant PV on EVERY SINGLE TRY of IG accounts(scrapers) creation?

Same here! Are you trying to create manually or with J’s account creation tool?

It keeps sending me to Captcha verification right after I choose my username (aka register).

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account creation tool

just the right proxies

Same here. Zero success using the JV tool to create accounts

IG has definitely become more strict when it comes to creating accounts and using them as scrapers, so it’s not just Jarvee issue. Try creating many accounts manually and use them as scrapers. The same thing will happen.
Try maybe to grow accounts first before you start using them as scrapers.

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