Account Creation In 2020

Hello I’ve been reading around on best way at moment to create account but everything seem outdated.

Can someone update me on a current way to successfully create my own accounts or a thread here that is still valid on how to successfully do it

What exactly? Account creation is really a crucial point of an IG operation, some would say it’s an art, hence the need for good sellers.

The methods used are still the same and didn’t change that much. Real Devices and “clean” IPs are a must-have. But then again, even real users sometimes fail to create an account simply due to IG getting tripped on small details. :slight_smile:


If you have good proxies, use real emails. They’ve increased success rates slightly as now there’s an extra step.

If you have bad proxies, use phones to create accounts. These attempts will have high success rates.

There are many useful thread that are not outdated around here :slight_smile: Good thing would be to say for what you are planning to use these accounts :slight_smile: For some cases, more advanced users do not recommend to create new accounts.

Why would that be?

I once tried creating new account using phone. Not just me but even my multiple friends with difference Mac addresses and IP addresses. Nothing worked. Each attempt included new gmail account. All these attempts were made on phone app.
Having said that, I recently created 3-4 accounts on my laptop using my IP. These accounts also included gmail as well as disposable mail addresses.

In short, my experience tell me, desktop browsers are better than a phone app. Kindly correct me if I am missing out any point.

The real test will be to see how the accounts perform when you put them on another proxy and automate. You will know right away if your account is good based off of what software tells you when you login. After that, it’s how many actions your account can perform without any blocks.

My biggest tip will be to keep testing and asking yourself questions. There are some guides online that have a good foundation with account creation and that should help you start.

Hit the search menu and find out.
All methods are still in play.
Just don’t expect to shortcut any part of the process.

In some cases, maybe if you will be using an account as scraper, it’s cheaper and faster to buy some aged account, than to invest time in growing some account until it becomes stable and safe.