Account Disabled but not actually disabled...?

This morning I got my first ever “ACCOUNT DISABLED” on one of my client accounts. Never had it happened, and started freaking out. Looked on the url and saw that it is still up. Even logged in manually and the page is still up and working. Even appears in the search.

Is this a false error on the software side? Was it disabled then reenabled? Anyone seen something like this before?

Any recommendations on automation etc. like changing proxy, resetting device ID, letting it rest for a day?


Did you talk to the client yet?
Did he notice something?

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Seems to me like a mistake in the program, but not sure… Wait for more people

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Was once I loaded the software I saw in red ACCOUNT DISABLED I immediately typed in and was still up, I logged in from my phone and no issue following/liking/etc., I reset Device IDs, changed proxies, EB couldn’t log in “Sorry there was a problem logging you in please try again soon” logged in using API got APIBLOCK added @ to username, Invalid credentials, Removed and Reverified in API, VALID now. Stopped all tools, will restart tomorrow. Hopefully not a ban…

Same thing happened to me with a client account last week. MP says account is disabled but it definately is not

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Did you see any issues moving forward? Did you continue tools or rest?

I rested the account for 3 days and since then it has been working fine. I also freaked out and thought I might as well quit this IG game if clients start having their accounts disabled but it seems it is a MP bug. A bug which could probably give you a heart attack…

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Yeah I freaked out…Never had a client account disabled and wasnt even doing anything crazy. Could IG have disabled then reenabled it accidentally?

God. I will be more carefull when i’ll see a DISABLED in the software now,


Highly unlikely because I checked the account within 30 minutes of it being “disabled”

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