Account Disabled & Reactivation Form Not Working

Looking for some help on this one…

A page I used to host giveaways, got disabled today. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t a business page but was running business activities? I’ve been running ads every day on it so it’s strange they would target me. Also, no automation ever.

Now I’m trying to get it back and the reactivation form is giving me an error message “Your request couldn’t be processed: there was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.”. I really need to get this page back up ASAP. Any ideas?

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It happens, not sure about the cause or a fix beyond waiting it out and trying a few days later.

Just hit one of my pages that hasn’t been used in weeks. Got up this morning, switched to the account on my phone and it was disabled for absolutely no reason. Tried appealing, resulted in that typical error dialog. 2 devices and multiple IP’s later, same results.

My assumption is that they block the email address, account name and IP from appealing, for whatever reason, so using any or all of those things will instantly reject you from doing so.

Ironically, I had just started running a FB ad for the FB page associated with it, so maybe they don’t want money?

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Do you know if the error message will resolve itself? I’m still getting it.

I recently had an ad rejected because it was “sexually provocative”. I wonder if this had anything to do with the ban? Did one of your ads get rejected recently?

Still getting it 24 hours later. And no, ad I was running for the FB page was approved and ran for 24 hours before I turned off the campaign due to the Instagram account being disabled. It’s like they’re asking me NOT to give them money :roll_eyes:

I did however get a story ad rejected on a different personal account due to “excessive skin” with someone in swimwear…

Mine was a story ad rejected a few days before for the same reason. Hmmm…

If it was the same account as the ad that would make sense, I guess, although the logic behind it is stupid. But being a different account doesn’t indicate a reason for that one to be deactivated.

Such a garbage platform.

have you tried using the gmail dot trick? you can basically send countless unban requests until they get it reactivated.

Yeah of course, it doesn’t matter what information is in the form to generate the “error.”

Your Request Couldn’t be Processed
There was a problem with this request. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.

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Same here, 3 accounts, same error on all of them.
Any solution or update?

okay I just ran into this issue today. No matter what information I introduce, it seems to be linked to the account’s handle.

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Precisely the problem

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Adding to this whole debacle… form never worked, but about 6 days later I decided to try again and it spit out a new error “This short name does not belong to a deactivated account,” which is new to me.

So I check the page and it was up and running again :thinking: Never was able to submit the form, no emails or requests for a selfie code. And of course, about 20 minutes later I got an email

There is some mysterious shit going on over at FB/Instagram, but this is a new level of stupid.

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Its more rare to see an e-mail from FB team than winning a lotery


Hello! I was wondering if you can help me out with this issue that you experienced… So it’s been about 4 weeks now and I haven’t heard back from anything… The form also stopped working for me 2 weeks ago coming up with the same error and I do not know what to do. 3 weeks ago I got a reply saying they needed a photo of my I’d just to confirm that the name I put is the one I used in everyday life I sent a reply 10 minutes later and haven’t heard back in 3 weeks. I also replied multiple times asking for an update on the situation but nothing. The appeal form goes through but no reply’s whatsoever and the form with the code on the paper doesn’t go through and comes up with the same error message as yours. I do not know what to do but all I know is that it is crucial that I get my account recovered as soon as possible so any tips or suggestions will help me greatly thanks!

Please pm me if you found a solution

Hello, I have the same problem, a month ago my account was blocked I was sending photos with my face and code but I didn’t get any answer so I repeated it a few more times with other codes but just a week ago the form started to reject my request, writing that there is a problem and they will try solve it as quickly as possible, did someone have a similar situation and managed to solve it?