Account Disappeared but Facebook account is still there

One of my Instagram accounts is gone. I had not posted to it for a week went to log in and it said that account does not exist. So I selected us the Facebook login and it logged me into Facebook, not Instagram.

The account was 3 months old was running very conservative follow/unfollow only had 1k followers and was a test account for me that I was developing. Jarvee was running but only 50-100 follow/unfollow and likes each day and using the poster. Looking at Jarvee logs on 10/10 7:24 am Jarvee fails to login to the account so that must be when it disappeared. A few min before that Jarvee was unfollowing people.

I did have a branded hashtag I used and all the post are gone so no one took over the account.

No emails from Instagram either.

The username is available as well.

Anyone else have this happen?

This has happened to a few accounts, but it was easily fixed by adding a phone number and verifying using a code. Have you tried logging into it from your phone? It may require that you add a number for verification.

How do you add the phone when the account is already gone? I have a friend facing the same issue. Best thing is his account is not on automation.

Did you manage to resolve this issue?

Nope. The Instagram account is just gone. The user name is even available again for anyone to take.