Account Got A Password Reset

I’ve slowly been ramping up how many people i follow a day on twitter and i just got hit with a password reset for unusual activity… What should I do?

I wasn’t running any crazy settings and only followed like 100 more people than any other day. Only followed around 50-100 a day before…

I believe twitter has been getting stricter or something… I used to run my twitter pretty high like 750-1000 followers a day as well as unfollow for a long time and then recently i noticed them freaking out over like 500-800 people??

If the Follow tool is only tool that you’ve been using, that could be a problem. Only following/unfollowing is obvious bot behavior. Add some favorites, tweets, retweets. Make your account look natural. God, I talked about this 100s of times on this forum… :slight_smile: Add night mode, 5-6 hours when the tools won’t work at all.

Finally, don’t login from other devices.

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Sorry @Adnan I searched through a few threads :confused: And I appreciate it, its an old account with 10k, and has 3 users ip’s that have been on it for a while now. So yeah it must have been me just turning on the following only… I find the retweet is horrible for my niche so i took it off :frowning:

Thanks again I suppose it be unwise i run the account on massplanner since 3 people HAVE to be on the account at diff times in the day… Appreciate the advice!

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