Account hacked with an email from a person

Hello, a bit of urgent state of one of my clients accounts: she got a message like this:

And now her account looks with not pictures and empty. We are trying to access and see what is the issue, any tips on how to help them?
We are trying all possible but we don’t know is that is possible and a real threat or it’s a spam … anyone had happened something like this before?

The account looks like in Pv but it doesn’t look like we need a phone validation.

Would appreciate any help in this matter urgent!

Send them a mail and see what they say. I think chances of the account being hacked are pretty high.

You should have done your client a favor and downloaded all the images from the acc before the hacker deleted them (or just do a backup for all clients) in case you don’t get it back.

They want money… of course!
And the images are gone we can’t do a back up when we saw the email the content of was already gone

Contact IG Support
That’s it

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Even to my customers and happened, but I do not understand why even having the original email, knowing the model of the phone with which they are registered, the original phone number of that account tell you that they can not because they do not recognize the account of the person and who can not do anything. WTF!

I wanted to give an update of this situation: we didn’t do anything and only reported in IG and after a few days they got back my client the account. For once Instagram did their job


Well at least the outcome was in your favor.