Account impossible to grow in EB goes to API

Hello all.
One of my accounts have a very low score and after an AC is impossible to make more than 3 f/u without a 508.
I am thinking to test how it works reseting ID and cleaning cookies, and trying in API.
Any experience with API? I read negative comments about it, but there are also some people is working in API.
Any feedback is welcome, I will let you know the results of this try.


I usually Reset IDs, clear those cookies and rest the accounts after login. API works for me but always on moderate settings.

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I’m confident theres a AC/AB wave going right now so i’m waiting it out a bit

Yap seeing a lot of Ac for the past week. Was going so well before :frowning:

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I started having issues about a week ago with 508s. I did just that, reset ids, cleared cookies, and restarted at low settings. Within about 30 mins I got an AC. I rode it out cleared cookies again and got another AC. All of this was being done purely through EB with follow sources being scaled from a slave account. I’m not sure where to go from here other than take a break and hope it passes.

I prefer a block than doing always the same to have same results. If it works I will let you know.

Same for me, got an AC while doing quite well…

I’m doing rest right now.
I was also thinking to only use API for that account and change proxy.

But I’m also wondering if it wouldn’ t be better to wait for another jarvee update before to take the risk to lower again the trust score.

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And here the results! API sucks, 2 days hard block after trying to do first follow.

When using EB, are you feeding the accounts to follow through API with the same account of through slave account transferring targeting followers ?

Which type of proxy are you using ?

In eb i was using scrapers, in api, directly. Mobile proxies.

I was scrapping using the API so use scrappers or not doesn’t seem to have a relation with that.

Your proxy location, is it quite related to the account location ?

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location is close, but it does not have anything to do with proxy, I have others accounts working good with same proxy. About scrapes, it should be better as I guess you do not make so many calls to the API.